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Displaying Employment History from Task Manager

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It may seem like going too far but I think it’s important to track your employment as a task. Kinda like ‘To-do: complete the job’. If you boil it down a job is just one really, really long task. It might be ‘In Progress’ for 1 year or 35 years. For some people the sub-tasks might be as simple as ‘Sign Employment Contract’ and ‘Deliver Resignation Letter’, for others they might need to create a containing Epic.

So because I’m using Jira as my task management tool I’ve created a Finance Project and added an Employment Story* type in that project. Then I added all my employment stories (of my short career so far) into this Finance project. I wanted to add it to Finance because the reality is we are employed to make money and our money is our finances, Right? Non-profits might full in other areas, I haven’t thought about that yet. So here is an example of my employment history. This webpage is making a call to my task tracking tool Jira for all Employment Stories. The status of the stories for now is either closed or in progress; open doesn’t really make sense in this case (maybe you’re on unpaid leave?).

There are so many interesting things that could be added to this set-up. Since Employment is listed along all my tasks I can directly link to projects and tasks related to the work I’ve completed. In a way I see this as a living resume. The proof that you did some amount of work will be in your task tracking. Of course you could fake it, but it’d be hard.

I’ve summarized a HUGE amount of this set-up and all that’s involved with Jira but hopefully I made a little bit of sense. I would have preferred to make a multi-part series to explain, maybe I will some other day.

*To help clarify I always refer to any work I do as a task but there are special types of tasks in three categories Epic, Story, and Task. I see all three of these as tasks but Epics are tasks which either take some time or are cross-functional, a Story is some mono-functional tasks which has all the most important details of work to be done, and a simple Task is just a unit of work to be done which usually can be assigned some temporal quantity to it (for example a flight is a simple Task because the start and stop time is relativity short and clearly defined).

Much Love!

Matt Sommer