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Hitting the Road! Beginning an RV Tour of Western States

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Go West, young man! This now famous exclimation has just as much meaning today as it did back in the 19th century. I've taken it to heart and moved into a 1988 Barth Regal RV, kicking off a journey of exploration and adventure of America's western states!

In late February I moved out of my apartment in Venice, California and into the RV. My first destination was Santa Cruz, a good friend from my Tesla days organized a beach birthday bash for his 30th. After getting some sun and beach vollyball I headed to Tahoe to ski. California has had an epic year of precipitation and I wasn't about to miss out on some fresh snow! Tahoe did not let me down. While I was there a massive storm came through and dumped three feet in about thirty six hours.

While I plan to make the most of my time traveling I also have obligations to work on my start-up Brisbe. While in Tahoe I would either ski in the morning then work all afternoon/night or if I didn't ski I would work all day/night.

From Tahoe I started towards Salt Lake City and was kinda glad to escape the snow. On the way I spent a few days in Elko, Nevada which is a small town known for gold mining. It was a good stop for me to escape the snow and focus on Brisbe work and fixing issues with the RV.

I arrived in Salt Lake City excited to ski a bit after a few days of constant work only to find that there was no fresh snow. The snow probably wasn't that bad but I was spoiled by Tahoe and decided to get to my next stop, Moab, as quickly as I could. The RV had other plans. While I was climbing a mountain pass a coolant hose burst. I'm actually surprised it took this long for a hose to burst as I've been pushing my luck with some very steep climbs. It was a quick fix though, I hitch hiked back to town, purchased a new hose, and was back on the road in a couple hours.

Finally I made it to Moab and have to say I'm glad I decided to spend some time here. Moab is absolutely beautiful! I've been spending most of my days working in the morning then taking a lunch break hiking/exploring. The rest of the day I'm usually camped outside a local coffee shop working. Fortunately I found one that doesn't turn off their wifi when they close for the day. There are a few bars with wifi but I've all but quit drinking so I'm perfectly content to sit outside to work.

I've got a few more days in Moab then I'm heading towards Creede, Colorado to see my good friend John. This will be my fourth time visiting Creede and I'm excited to get back to visit.

Much Love!

Matt Sommer